Get a Grip on your SaaS!

We help you to save thousands of Euros on your yearly SaaS costs!
You will never spend more than you save, guaranteed!

What We Do

We help digital-first SMBs to save thousands of Euros on their yearly SaaS expenses. We help you discover, manage and procure the right SaaS tools. With our guarantee that you’ll never spend more than you save, SaaSGrip gives you the power to ‘Get a Grip’ on your SaaS. We help you unleash the full potential of your SaaS investments, take control of your expenses and drive your team to new heights of success.

For Who

SaaSGrip is tailored for department heads who want to optimize their SaaS expenses without disrupting their current workflows. With our negotiation skills and unparalleled expertise in alternative tooling for SMBs, we empower our clients to achieve significant cost savings while maintaining or improving their technology capabilities. Our process requires minimal time investment and is designed to integrate seamlessly into your current operations.

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You will never spend more than you save within the first year, guaranteed! or we’ll pay back the difference.

Do you want a more accurate savings estimation? Fill out the form, and we’ll contact you with an accurate report of your potential savings.

How It Works

1. Fit Assessment
2. App access
3. Estimated costs saving
4. Plan of Approach
5. Timeline
6. Executing the plan
7. Save thousands of Euros

What is included

Book a Consultation

Looking to optimize your SaaS expenses? Book a 1-hour consultation for just $100 and we guarantee you’ll save at least $500. Let us help you get a grip on your SaaS and unleash your business’s full potential.

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